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33 Secret Beauty Tips From Indian Women

Indian women are well known for their beauty and their eternal femininity. They carefully protect their attractive charm and know exactly how to fix naturally any beauty problems. We all can learn a lot from them and save hundreds of dollars from spending on salons or on chemicals. Here are the most incredible beauty tips to learn from.

1. Removing a Bad Tan

Forgot to put on the sun cream before going to the beach? Don’t worry! Just take a teaspoon of honey and lemon, and apply the mixture on your skin. Wait at least 10 minutes before rinsing it off. You’ll feel that your skin immediately refreshes. Honey will restore moisture while lemon will help remove the tan.

Hilarious T-shirt Fails You Have to See to Believe

T-shirts are amazing and a lot of people like wearing them to complete a nice casual look. While some people come up with amazing t-shirts with great messages and illustrations, others come up with crazy ones. Here are some funny t-shirts that were a big fail.

1. Warning not taken

Source: www.ninjajournalist.com

We all have that friend or relative who does the craziest or dumbest things. That one who’s always being rushed to the emergency room in high school for trying to do something that they knew they couldn’t or for getting frustrated by the inability to do something and smashed the table with their hand. You know that one who is always just getting hurt. Well, this kid decided to just own up to being that crazy guy. Imagine what was going on through everybody’s head when they saw his t-shirt.

The 40 Most Beautiful Women in the World

This is really a tough job to select only 40 of the millions of beauties from all over the world. Not to mention that everyone’s taste is different. Still, we gave it a try to make a collection that most of us can agree with. Have a look at this top 40 ladies and decide if you agree with the order.

40. Aishwarya Rai Bachchan

Let us open this precious list with Indian actress Aishwarya Rai. Her name is well known in the beauty industry, as she was crowned Miss World back in 1994, and since then, on almost every “most beautiful women” list of the world, her name appears. She became one of the most occupied Indian actresses played in over forty films.

The Best and the Worst Cosplays of the Internet

Cosplay refers to performance art, in which the participants wear costumes to represent a specific character. It is a mix of costumes and role-playing, hence the name. It is a portmanteau of the two words costumes and plays. It’s usually so much fun. The costumes are normally very well done but sometimes, they could end up a complete costume fail. Here are some of the best and worst Cosplay outfits.

1. Yes, honey, I did shrink the kids

Source: www.dailyforest.com

Well from the looks of these costumes, it seems possible to achieve the perfect Cosplay costume – the result is amazing. It looks almost as if they either shrunk themselves to the size of Lego pieces or grown the Lego pieces to the size of grown-ups. We are sure a lot of fans will be talking about these costumes for a while. These guys went all out to get this beautiful result.

The Most Remarkable Oscars Outfits Ever

Academy Awards, also known as the Oscars is the biggest event of the year in the film industry. Celebrities book this day in their calendars a year ahead. And this night is not only about movies and artists, but almost equally importantly about outfits. In the history of 91 years of Oscars, we’ve seen everything – from the craziest costumes to the most wonderful masterpieces. Here is a collection of the most iconic ones.

Andra Day

American singer Andra Day choose a spectacular gown for the 90th Annual Academy Awards. It for sure was an unforgettable night for her, not just because of the eye-catching outfit, but as a nominee for the best original song for 2017, she had the honor to perform on the stage of the Oscars.

Funniest Fishing Photos Ever Caught On Camera

Spending the day outdoors fishing can be so nice and relaxing. It could also be intense if you want it to be. Some fish in the deep seas while others just prefer to do it off the coast but what matters is that you enjoy it. While fishing can be so much fun, it could also have a lot of mishaps. The good thing is that a lot of people opt to do it with their friends so it’s not so bad. Even better is the fact that a lot of these mishaps can be caught on camera by their companions. Here are some of the funniest fishing moments caught on camera.

1. Catch of the day

Source: www.travelfuntu.com

Any person fishing likes to get the biggest catch. It really is an achievement and this man wanted to show off his big catch. To prove to you that he was indeed lucky, he got his wife to play along, holding her in the exact same way he was holding the fish, just to compare the size. He’s just lucky his wife did not mind it because we’re not sure too many would enjoy being held in such a position but this is hilarious. The photographer of the day took one great shot.

5 top makeup items to keep in bag always

Keeping all the cosmetics in the bag can be quite messy and it is obvious that every woman has it in her bag. You do not have to carry all the makeup products with you everywhere rather quick touchups are enough for you to look good when you are out of the house. Keep these top 5 beauty products in your bag always and you will never regret leaving the others at home.

Source: Rd.com

Hand cream

We often wash our hands during the day whether it is before or after the meal. It is necessary that you keep a hand cream which can keep your hands smooth and soft all the time. Keeping the hands moisturized allows you to be at ease at work or school.

Lip balm

It is not necessary that you keep the lipstick with you and apply it every time it is off your lips. Well, keeping the lip balm hydrates the lips and keep them away from chipping off, unlike lipstick. It does not let your lips to get dry and makes you look good at the same time.

Pressed Powder

Source: travelfashiongirl.com

You do need to keep the pressed powder with you and freshen up the makeup after 3-4 hours. It helps in removing any access oil and is easy to apply on the go. It is little to carry and covers the blemishes with keeping the skin tone balanced throughout. It also helps in keeping your makeup stay for a long time.


You always have to keep a small perfume with you so that in case you forget to put it on when you are at home. It should be always in your bag to freshen up the fragrance whether it is winters or summer time.


To keep the redness or discoloration away from the skin, it is necessary to have concealer with you all the time. Even if your makeup comes off, concealer would do the work with hiding any appearance on the face which you do not want to show.

5 products to use for natural glow of skin

Taking of the skin should be a routine for every woman. As you keep on aging, the skin needs more care because of the exposure it gets from the sunlight and other dirt around you. Here are 5 products which are best for your skin and keeps the natural glow on the skin as well.

Source: boldsky.com

1. Maybelline BB Cream

The clear glow BB cream is formulated to make the skin bright with consistent usage. It is suitable for all types of skin and blurs out the imperfections. It also provides you from the sun protection with keeping the skin hydrated and smooth all day long. It is travel-friendly and does not cause breakouts at all.

2. L’Oreal Paris Day Cream White Perfect

You can get skin tone even through this day cream with getting the spots removal in no time. It leaves the natural glow on the skin and contains SPF 19 to protect the skin from sun rays.

3. Lotus Herbals Skin Whitening Deep Cleansing

The deep cleansing foam works efficiently on the face by giving you a natural glow. It contains aloe vera which keeps the hydration consistent in the skin. The milk enzymes help in eliminating dead skin cells and any dirt from the face with making you look radiant every day.

4. Biotique Bio Brightening Cream

This cream contains herbal ingredients which are best for the radiant skin. It has coconut extracts which keep the spots away from the skin and also removes any blemishes.

5. Lakme White Night Repair Cream

This cream contains vitamin C and B3 which keeps the skin healthy and smooth. It is all in one cream for you to use at night time and rejuvenates the skin while you rest.

Source: Road2beauty

10 Tips to lose weight quickly

It requires efforts to lose weight. You have to work on it consistently to see effective results. To remain healthy, you do need to be conscious of your weight. Here are 10 tips to help you lose weight quickly.

Source: indianexpress.com

1. Breakfast

The intake of breakfast needs to have high protein so that you can have fewer cravings during the day and intake few calories due to that.

2. Sugary and Fruit Juice

You should avoid anything which contains sugar. Whether it is something to eat or juices, prefer to avoid sugary items in your lifestyle.

3. Drink water before a meal

It is always better to drink water before a meal as it helps you in eating less. People tend to lose weight up to 44% by drinking water half an hour before eating the meals.

4. Friendly food

Choose the low-fat food items to consume during the day. Keep dairy and other fatty foods out of your life.

5. Fiber

Make sure to have soluble fiber during the day. It helps you in the reduction of fat around the belly area. You can also intake fiber tablets which may help a lot as well.

6. Drink tea or coffee

You can intake caffeine because it helps in metabolism. Prefer to drink 2-3 cups a day depending on your mood

7. Whole food

Make sure to have whole food items rather than processed food. Whole foods are beneficial and healthier which has all the nutrients required by the body.

8. Eat slowly

Source: berkeleywellness.com

Do not rush in finishing your food. Eat slowly and give time to your stomach so that it can boost the hormone for weight loss.

9. Weigh Yourself

When you weigh yourself every day and see a slight change in weight loss, it actually motivates you to do more.

10. Good Sleep

Get a good night sleep as it reduces the risk factors of gaining weight. So make sure that you take care of your sleep timings and have a peaceful night.

How to maintain healthy skin routine

It is not difficult to maintain healthy skin routine but you need to take out time for yourself once in a while during the busy life. No one else can do this for you and if you want to look great when taking care of your skin routine is a must. Here are some of the ways you can adapt to take care of your skin on a daily basis.

Source: cdn2.stylecraze.com

Protection from Sun

You always have to protect your skin from the sun rays. When you are exposed to the sun a lot, it adds up to the wrinkles on skin and also emerges other skin problems. You have to use sunscreen which is a must in the skincare routine. Always find a shaded place to sit if you want to enjoy the daylight outdoor. Wear clothes which protect you from the sharp rays of the sun.

Quit Smoking

If you are someone who has a habit of smoking then it needs to stop. It is not only affecting the internal parts of your body but the external as well. The skin starts to get pale because of the shrinking blood vessels where it is hard for the blood to pass smoothly. It can cause wrinkles and other major skin problems for you in the future. It also damages the elasticity of skin along with collagen which reduces the strength of the skin.

Gentle on Skin

Always be gentle towards the skin. Do not peel it off or scrape it off but instead be careful about it. Take a limited bath and avoid the strong soaps. If you have to shave then be careful and always pat dry the skin instead of rubbing. Keep the skin moisturized and you will be good to go for its care.

Healthy diet

A healthy diet is necessary to make your skin look fresh and free of acne. When you consume vegetables, fruits, and whole grains, it allows your internal to be fine and promote a good looking skin for you.

Source: ndtvimg.com