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Benefits of aloe vera for skin

Aloe vera has been used for different purposes since ages. It has a therapeutic effect on the skin which proves to be vital for the healthy skin. The gel which comes out of the aloe vera proves to be best for dry skin and other skin conditions. Here are some of the benefits associated with aloe vera which can compel you to keep it in your skincare routine.

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Treats Sunburn

We do not realize but because of the continuous exposure to the sun, we get the sunburns. It affects our complexion over time without letting us know so when you add aloe vera gel to your skin routine, it will keep the tone neutral and make your skin feel fresh every day.


If you want to moisturize your skin the perfect manner then aloe vera is the perfect thing to get started with. The fresh essence of the gel makes the skin moist and soft than before. So if you have dry skin, this is a miracle product for you.

Acne treatment

The antioxidants in the aloe vera gel clear up the acne on the face. It has the properties which are anti-inflammatory which stimulates new skin cells. There is no scarring of the acne left when you apply this gel on the spot of acne until it goes away.

Fights Aging

If you feel that you are getting wrinkles on the skin before the older age then use aloe vera gel. It has beta carotene and vitamin C which keeps the skin tightened and free of wrinkles. The natural look of the skin remains with keeping it hydrated throughout.

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Miss Universe Reveals She Has Skin Cancer

Dayanara Torres, a former Miss Universe, a Puerto Rican actress, an ex-wife of actor Marc Anthony, and fiancée of Louis D’Esposito (from Marvel Studios), has sadly revealed her skin cancer diagnosis. Only 44 years old, Dayanara said she found a big mole but never paid much attention to it because the mole never bothered her.

Her partner Louis, however, kept insisting she needed to have it checked and eventually she agreed to appease him. Unfortunately, his suspicions turned out to be true and the doctor diagnosed Torres with skin cancer (melanoma) after undergoing a biopsy and two surgeries.

Dayanara admits it is a scary time in her life while she waits for the next step to see what treatment she is going to need. The cancerous mole was removed, as well as parts from the back of her kneed and they took out two lymph nodes which the cancer had already spread to. Her biggest hope is that the cancer does not further spread to her internal organs.

What exactly is melanoma?

Melanoma accounts for a small percent of skin cancers, which carries a higher risk of spreading throughout the body. It is a cancer than starts in a specific cell in the top layer of the skin. While this cancerous cell develops, it discolors, creating brown pigment (melanin). A melonama can occur anywhere on the skin, although in women, they are commonly found on the legs, neck, and face.

The most obvious cause of skin cancer is overexposure to ultraviolet rays, such as sunlight or overuse of tanning beds. If you are prone to developing moles, or you have freckles or fair skin or freckles, your skin cancer risk could be somewhat higher than the average person.

Prevention is better than cure, so it is vital to be responsible with the amount of time you spend in the sun if you’re uncovered. Always use a sun protection moisturizer and do consistent checks on your body for moles that are changing in size, shape, color, or evolving in any way.

As Dayanara quoted on Instagram, “If you see or feel something different in your body, have it checked,” she wrote. “I had no idea skin cancer could spread anywhere else in your body.”

Love Lessons Mothers Should Teach Their Daughters

Mothers are our primary caregivers and nurturers. Our mother is the person we first connect with from conception through to birth. She shows us what love is and that’s why there are some things in life that a daughter can only learn from their mother. We have other female role models, like our grandmothers, sisters, or aunts but there is something unique about the love between a mother and her daughter.

Deciding to have children is an overwhelming and life-changing experience but the mommy instinct kicks in, which is fiercely driven by love and protection. Ultimately, parents have to equip their children to one day face the harsh realities of life. It’s how we treat our children on a daily basis that will determine their resilience and prudence as they make their way through life.

Here are some invaluable love lessons that mothers can give their daughters to nurture them into loving and lovable, yet strong and independent young women.

Anything you chase, will run.

Don’t be desperate to pursue love because love comes into your life when the time is right. Never force love to happen.

You are enough.

Believe in yourself, love yourself and you don’t need to change to fit into someone else’s ideas. Wait for the love that is accepting of who you are.

To get respect, you have to give it.

If you want love that is respectful, then model the behavior you want in a partner. Respect your body, respect your friends and family and you will attract what you seek.

Your relationship doesn’t rule your life.

Fall in love but don’t fall out of sync. Women can develop more insecurities through being in a relationship because their sole focus is on their partner. Share, trust, and compromise but always love yourself first.

Be in a relationship for the right reasons.

Daughters should know how sincere love and affection feels. How one can feel confident and loved through positive actions of others. Emotionally healthy women don’t look for love in the wrong places.

J.Lo Explains Her 10-Day Diet Challenge

Jennifer Lopez, who we fondly know as J.Lo, spoke about her recent 10-day diet challenge. Simply put, it was 10 days of no sugar and low carbs.

While talking about her diet, Lopez said that after just five days she could see and feel the results of eliminating sugar and cutting carbohydrates.

Inspired by her personal trainer to do the challenge, J.Lo convinced her boyfriend, Alex Rodriguez, to take up the challenge with her. Not only that, but she also convinced the staff of the Today Show to do the challenge as well. Al Roker, Craig Melvin, and Carson were some of the members who took part.

J.Lo stated that after the first and second day of the experiment, her and Alex both realized they were addicted to sugar. And this motivated the pair to persist and ‘reset’ their bodies.

Jennifer explained that by cutting down on carbs, she felt so much better and then recognized she ate far too many carbohydrates before.  A surprising aspect of this challenge is having no fruit. But then again, it’s about totally eliminating any sugar of any kind. Good or bad.

When the challenge ended, Jennifer admits that it altered her taste for sugar. From being a sugar and chocolate freak to now having a more moderate approach to her sugar intake.

Besides feeling great and seeing the benefits, J.Lo revealed there were some unexpected side-effects. Firstly, she started to suffer from sinus, which she never had before and got an odd headache. This is the body’s reaction to detoxing from the daily overload of sugar and carbohydrates. After a few days however, the side-effects abated and she felt great.

A nutritionist explained this diet is about avoiding sugar and all starchy carbs like bread, pasta, and cookies. Ten days gives your body recovery time from constantly having to digest heavy foods that most times, also hamper absorption of nutrients and minerals in the good foods. Lopez says she also lost weight!

In fact, she claims to have lost a “bunch of pounds” as well as inches off the waist. Like she needs it? But, as Jennifer said herself, it takes more than a 10-day challenge to stay fit and healthy.

Outrageous Celebrity Valentine’s Day Gifts

With Valentine’s Day around the corner, some of us will be scrambling for romantic ideas and gifts for our significant others. Looking at celebrities for inspiration could prove to be a bit discouraging: while us mere mortals are thinking a small gift or romantic dinner is enough, there is a whole other love dimension playing out.

Perhaps if you have the money to lavish on your partner then it’s not such a big deal. But, are the highly-priced, outlandish gifts handed out for attention and media coverage, or is it a token of sincere love?

Admittedly, there is something quite touching about Angelina Jolie’s Valentine’s gift to Brad Pitt a few years ago. A 200-year old olive tree valued at $20,000, which she purchased from a nursery in the south of France. The reason she chose this specific gift? It represented their love because an olive tree is a symbol of stability, longevity, and peace. One does have to wonder how that tree is doing now?

A bit more on the showy side is Kanye West’s gift to Kim Kardashian in 2013. A $73,000 Panthere De Cartier cuff, laden with diamonds, emeralds, and white gold. Of course, it was not kept secret and personal between them – it was featured all over Instagram. Similar to another West/Kardashian Valentine’s Day, Kanye sent Kim 1,000 red roses. And, what did she do? She rolled around in them (as you do…) and got 8 million views on Instagram.

Resembling a more authentic and romantic Valentine’s, John Legend was the ultimate gentleman, whisking his wife off in their private jet to an undisclosed location. They had their own personal Valentine’s Day and didn’t share it with the media. Keeping it real.

Where there are less ostentatious celebs, there will also be the more flamboyant ones. Like David Beckham’s big expense in 2006. He gave his wife, Victoria Beckham (also known as Posh Spice), a diamond Bulgari necklace costing a substantial $8 million. Was he trying to overcompensate for something?

This makes Howard Stern’s gift look cheap. In 2007, he proposed on Valentine’s Day with a 5.2-carat emerald-cut ring worth $250,000.

What a Body Language Expert says about Prince Harry

Source: gettyimages.com

A body language expert recently revealed the meaning behind Prince Harry’s gestures, facial expressions, and body language. After analyzing photographs of Prince Harry in the media, the expert claims he is a ball of nerves and constantly anxious. Not too surprising considering Harry is always under intense public examination, he’s newly-married, and about to become a first time father. Who wouldn’t be anxious?

The body language expert observed that Prince Harry hasn’t suddenly become anxious but has actually developed anxiety since meeting his current wife, Meghan Markle.

In the early days of their courting, Harry showed odd gestures such as hand clasping his jackets, or suddenly frowning followed by a series of serious facial expressions. As a youth, Harry had a naughty boyish look that endeared him to us but he was never so serious.

When comparing Meghan’s behavior and response to her pregnancy versus Prince Harry, she really does show unmasked pride, love, and joy for her ‘bump’. Harry, however, is showing more signs of quiet panic by not publicly making a fuss or showing overt signs of enthusiasm. He has taken on the role of bodyguard, always looking worried with arm gestures of protection.

The experts may have us believe there is something significant about Prince Harry’s demeanor and body language, and they could very well be right. However, given recent tabloid news claiming rivalry between Harry and Meghan, and William and Kate, the Royals have a lot of rumors to deal with (whether they are true or not).

Prince Harry has spent his entire life in the spotlight. Each moment of sadness, happiness, naughtiness, kindness or rudeness is captured for millions to see. It’s enough to stress anyone out. Now that Harry is taking on more personal responsibilities and as always, more scrutiny, who can blame this handsome young Royal for taking life a bit more seriously.

15 Most Expensive Shoes in the World

Shoes that are made from poached animal skin to jewel covered leather, shoes that are shaped like fancy stilettos to shoes that can be referred to as ‘slick pumps’. There is no limit that one can set to the fashion industry’s enterprise.

Clothing and shoes make up a vast percentage of consumer expenditure, and thus ongoing brinksmanship has resulted in mass inflation and ludacris prices throughout the industry is steadily becoming the norm.

Today we look at the elite list of the 15 most expensive footwear to date that range from historical artefacts to the most ostentatious of shoe designs.

The Shoe Thrown At George Bush ($10 million)

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Iraqi journalist Muntadhar al-Zaidi threw both of his shoes in disgust at the then US president over the contentious situation in Iraq; he yelled “This is a farewell kiss from the Iraqi people, you dog.” The shoes, not yet claimed/ found have been valued at $10 Million.

15 Most Beautiful Actresses Alive

They say you need a million dollars to look like a million dollars. It’s true for the most part because if we could all afford weekly facials, body treatments, and expensive make-up that takes hours to apply, then we could all ooze confidence and beauty, and less insecurity with how we look. Realistically, most of can’t afford to spend more than $5 and 10 minutes a day just on our beauty routines.

The other lucky ones are those born with beauty delivered by a goddess. They don’t need layers of make up with their natural good looks (sure, the million dollars still helps). There are a lot of gorgeous actresses around today but we’ve picked the following 15 as the most beautiful actresses alive.

Scarlett Johansson


Born in 1984, Scarlett Ingrid Johansson is one of the world’s highest-paid actress with a list of awards as long as your arm. She is the face of Dolce & Gabbana and revealed her favorite beauty products are the Passioneyes mascara and the Classic Cream Lipstick in Devil is her perfect red lipstick.

15 Best Physical Exercises to Keep You Fit

Having busy, hectic lives means less time to take care of ourselves. However, if we don’t take care of ourselves now, we may pay the price later on when we need good health the most. A sedentary lifestyle can lead to a range of health problems and that’s why it’s important to start with a basic exercise regime and slowly work your way up as your body gets fitter and stronger.

Once you start experimenting with the different types of exercises, you’ll be able to find what feels best for you. But, it’s important to remember that technique is everything. You could do 100 push-ups but if you’re not executing the exercise correctly, you could do more harm than good.

Especially if you are a newbie exerciser, you should get proper advice from a trained professional on form and technique. It is also advisable to have a good pair of well-fitted shoes if you plan on running or walking.

Take a look at fifteen of the best physical exercises you can do to keep yourself fit and in good shape.



Walking is the most natural and simple action that humans do. We just don’t do enough of it. Walking helps you stay fit, improves cholesterol, lifts your mood, strengthens bones, and can lower your risk against a number of diseases. Start slowly with at least ten minutes walking a day and gradually increase it.

15 Daily Practices That Make Your Life Easier

There are things that can be changed in our personal lives to minimize chaos and improve relationships and daily living. And that’s not to say the changes need to massive. It’s often the smallest thing we do on a consistent basis that really defines us and our habits.

It may require some creative thinking and strategy to determine what needs to be changed, removed, improved, or incorporated into your routine to boost your productivity and energy. So, we devised a list to help you get started on making that small step towards big change.

To start with, try one, some, or all of the suggestions below and give it at least two weeks. After this time frame, evaluate the effect its had on your life. It could help you feel more organized and in control, with fewer distractions, so you can put your positive energy into real priorities.

Improve Your Phone Habits


Phones and social media are creeping too deeply into our lives. Families glued to their phones over dinner, people texting and driving, or checking their phones every five minutes in case they missed a notification. Connect with people more and interact less with your phone. Keep it out of the bedroom and off the dinner table.