15 Awesome Make-up Tips and Hacks



We all love beauty hacks, especially those with busy lives, who don’t have oodles of money or time to sit in front of a mirror perfecting their look.  Our list of 15 awesome make-up tips and hacks will show you simple DIY ways of getting the most out of your make-up products and routines.

There are countless beauty products on the market to choose from so it may surprise you that there are household items you can use to substitute for over-priced beauty tools. Keep it simple and practical and you can avoid wasting money, time, and product.

Make your eyes look wider


If you want to get that Audrey Hepburn look with big, wide eyes, try this different application of mascara. Instead of applying the mascara in a sweeping upward motion, sweep the mascara towards the nose for fuller looking eyelashes and wider eyes.