5 top makeup items to keep in bag always



Keeping all the cosmetics in the bag can be quite messy and it is obvious that every woman has it in her bag. You do not have to carry all the makeup products with you everywhere rather quick touchups are enough for you to look good when you are out of the house. Keep these top 5 beauty products in your bag always and you will never regret leaving the others at home.

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Hand cream

We often wash our hands during the day whether it is before or after the meal. It is necessary that you keep a hand cream which can keep your hands smooth and soft all the time. Keeping the hands moisturized allows you to be at ease at work or school.

Lip balm

It is not necessary that you keep the lipstick with you and apply it every time it is off your lips. Well, keeping the lip balm hydrates the lips and keep them away from chipping off, unlike lipstick. It does not let your lips to get dry and makes you look good at the same time.

Pressed Powder

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You do need to keep the pressed powder with you and freshen up the makeup after 3-4 hours. It helps in removing any access oil and is easy to apply on the go. It is little to carry and covers the blemishes with keeping the skin tone balanced throughout. It also helps in keeping your makeup stay for a long time.


You always have to keep a small perfume with you so that in case you forget to put it on when you are at home. It should be always in your bag to freshen up the fragrance whether it is winters or summer time.


To keep the redness or discoloration away from the skin, it is necessary to have concealer with you all the time. Even if your makeup comes off, concealer would do the work with hiding any appearance on the face which you do not want to show.