The Best and the Worst Cosplays of the Internet



Cosplay refers to performance art, in which the participants wear costumes to represent a specific character. It is a mix of costumes and role-playing, hence the name. It is a portmanteau of the two words costumes and plays. It’s usually so much fun. The costumes are normally very well done but sometimes, they could end up a complete costume fail. Here are some of the best and worst Cosplay outfits.

1. Yes, honey, I did shrink the kids


Well from the looks of these costumes, it seems possible to achieve the perfect Cosplay costume – the result is amazing. It looks almost as if they either shrunk themselves to the size of Lego pieces or grown the Lego pieces to the size of grown-ups. We are sure a lot of fans will be talking about these costumes for a while. These guys went all out to get this beautiful result.