30 Most Beautiful Female Billionaires: The Amount in Their Bank & Retirement Investment Account Is Through the Roof



It is not easy to become a billionaire. Imagine this, it takes some people so many years of working for them to be able to put up just a business of their own that will land them success. However, for other people, becoming a billionaire is something that was just handed to them on a silver platter thanks to their family inheritance. For people with an inheritance, life is truly great and easy because they had a shortcut to that status of absolute financial stability. In this post, we take a look at some people who have become billionaires at a young age, to be more precise, female personalities from different parts of the world. The list includes self-made billionaires and those who inherited their immense wealth. You will be pleasantly surprised to see just how gorgeous the youngest on this list is and she is just 21.

Holly Branson – $4.2 Billion

Holly Branson is one of Sir Richard Branson’s two children. Richard Branson is the wealthy man behind the Virgin Group and as it is, his daughter is continuing his legacy having joined the family business herself. Before she got into business, she majored in neurology during her time in med school before pursuing a career in the medical field for some time. She has been key in growing the business even further especially the Virgin Hotels. She is slowly but very surely building her very own net worth aside from her father’s and to this point has about $4.2 billion to her name.