Check Out These 19 Famous Female Characters, Then And Now



2. Wonder Woman

Without wasting time, let’s put the cards on the table. It’s hard to go somewhere and fail to see a picture of Gal Gadot in her full wonder gear charging into fray or fighting a blast. The first spot on this list is for Princess Diana of Themyscira, famously known as Wonder Woman. She debuted in October 1941 after Pearl Harbor.

America was in search of a hero and she stepped right in to fill the role with amazing feminine power and outstanding grace. Wonder Woman is said to have been modeled after the wife of William Marston named Elizabeth and the hero came as a new powerful voice for feminists.

A few of us vividly remember the TV series in which the role was so well played by Linda Carter until Gal Gadot took up the role. Other actresses that once played the role include Rosario Dawson, Michelle Monaghan and Lucy Lawless.