How to take care of your skin during summers?



Summer brings a big worry for women because they are always concerned about their skin. You have to caress for the skin otherwise you get to see the reactions which no one likes. Summer is the time when skin gets oily and requires special attention so here are some of the tips for you to start off as basic care for the skin.


Face Wash

Washing and cleansing your face should be a part of daily routine for you. Summers brings you humid and hot weather which can be irritating for the skin. The face produces oil and then clogs into the pores resulting in acne or dark complexion. When you wash your face often, you clean off the dirt which gets into the pores and protects it.


Applying sunscreen is a must during summer time. You cannot forget to apply it on the face, hands, legs, and other explosive parts of the body. It helps in keeping the skin free of fine lines, sunburn and premature aging.


Drink a lot of water to keep the skin hydrated. You have to keep water of bottle everywhere you go so that it keeps on flushing out the toxins in the body and keeps it clean inside. When you have the toxins flushed out, you will feel fresh during the hot days of summer as well.


Do not apply much makeup during summers as the skin needs to breathe. Prefer to apply tinted moisturized instead of foundation so that the face looks clean throughout. Apply lip balm to the lips so that they do not get dry and if you can get SPF lip balm then that’s even better.