Hygiene practices for young girls



It is necessary to teach the girls about their hygiene as they grow up. There are many changes in the body which make a girl confused as she is growing up. It is the duty of the mother to help her follow the hygiene practices which she can follow the entire life. Here are some of the basic hygiene practices which you should tell your daughters to follow every day.

Shower every day

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Make sure that whether it is summer or winter, you have to take a shower every day. Our skin is exposed to different kinds of dirt every time so it is necessary that you take shower by the end of the day or in the start. It is upon you but makes sure not to skip the shower later than one day.

Wash Hair

Every time you take a shower, always wash your hair with shampoo. Some people do not wash their hair because they feel that it will take time for them to dry up. It is necessary to wash the hair with shampoo as the oil excretes from the scalp and lead to hair fall.

Use Deodorant

One of the top hygiene practice for girls should be to use deodorant. As you come out of the shower, make it a habit to apply deodorant. It keeps the sweat away and makes you smell nice too in public. You will never feel embarrassed if you have the right deodorant on you.

Brush Teeth or Mouthwash

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Make sure to brush your teeth twice daily and use mouthwash once a day. It keeps bacteria away from the mouth and you do not get sick as well. The food which you eat may get stuck in the teeth and turn into cavities so to avoid that follow the hygiene daily.

Wear Clean Undergarments

Make sure that you wear clean and tidy undergarments. Keep the timeframe of two days to change the undergarments and wash them thoroughly every time.