Outrageous Celebrity Valentine’s Day Gifts



With Valentine’s Day around the corner, some of us will be scrambling for romantic ideas and gifts for our significant others. Looking at celebrities for inspiration could prove to be a bit discouraging: while us mere mortals are thinking a small gift or romantic dinner is enough, there is a whole other love dimension playing out.

Perhaps if you have the money to lavish on your partner then it’s not such a big deal. But, are the highly-priced, outlandish gifts handed out for attention and media coverage, or is it a token of sincere love?

Admittedly, there is something quite touching about Angelina Jolie’s Valentine’s gift to Brad Pitt a few years ago. A 200-year old olive tree valued at $20,000, which she purchased from a nursery in the south of France. The reason she chose this specific gift? It represented their love because an olive tree is a symbol of stability, longevity, and peace. One does have to wonder how that tree is doing now?

A bit more on the showy side is Kanye West’s gift to Kim Kardashian in 2013. A $73,000 Panthere De Cartier cuff, laden with diamonds, emeralds, and white gold. Of course, it was not kept secret and personal between them – it was featured all over Instagram. Similar to another West/Kardashian Valentine’s Day, Kanye sent Kim 1,000 red roses. And, what did she do? She rolled around in them (as you do…) and got 8 million views on Instagram.

Resembling a more authentic and romantic Valentine’s, John Legend was the ultimate gentleman, whisking his wife off in their private jet to an undisclosed location. They had their own personal Valentine’s Day and didn’t share it with the media. Keeping it real.

Where there are less ostentatious celebs, there will also be the more flamboyant ones. Like David Beckham’s big expense in 2006. He gave his wife, Victoria Beckham (also known as Posh Spice), a diamond Bulgari necklace costing a substantial $8 million. Was he trying to overcompensate for something?

This makes Howard Stern’s gift look cheap. In 2007, he proposed on Valentine’s Day with a 5.2-carat emerald-cut ring worth $250,000.