Check out some of the most epic photos ever taken on public transport



The world\’s greatest cities would simply not be the same without public transport. Just imagine London without the Underground or New York without its subway. Public transport makes getting around easy and millions of people use it every day. Because of the incredible amount of people using public transport, they are also a great place to spot some really “extraordinary” people now and then. Special characters that you will likely remember forever. Check out this series of bizarre photographs. You will be amazed!

The Cook

So many people strive for optimal time management in today\’s busy world. New ways of saving time can be very handy, but this girl is really taking efficiency to new levels. While others use a subway ride for a quick nap or some relaxation this girl is chopping onions. I guess she is preparing dinner? She is well equipped with a large cutting board and a professional kitchen knife. What\’s even more hilarious are the confused looks of the people sitting next to her. Imagine if this girl goes on a long-distance train ride, she would probably bring a gas stove and a frying pan and start sautéing right there on the train!