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Hygiene practices for young girls

It is necessary to teach the girls about their hygiene as they grow up. There are many changes in the body which make a girl confused as she is growing up. It is the duty of the mother to help her follow the hygiene practices which she can follow the entire life. Here are some of the basic hygiene practices which you should tell your daughters to follow every day.

Shower every day

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Make sure that whether it is summer or winter, you have to take a shower every day. Our skin is exposed to different kinds of dirt every time so it is necessary that you take shower by the end of the day or in the start. It is upon you but makes sure not to skip the shower later than one day.

Wash Hair

Every time you take a shower, always wash your hair with shampoo. Some people do not wash their hair because they feel that it will take time for them to dry up. It is necessary to wash the hair with shampoo as the oil excretes from the scalp and lead to hair fall.

Use Deodorant

One of the top hygiene practice for girls should be to use deodorant. As you come out of the shower, make it a habit to apply deodorant. It keeps the sweat away and makes you smell nice too in public. You will never feel embarrassed if you have the right deodorant on you.

Brush Teeth or Mouthwash

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Make sure to brush your teeth twice daily and use mouthwash once a day. It keeps bacteria away from the mouth and you do not get sick as well. The food which you eat may get stuck in the teeth and turn into cavities so to avoid that follow the hygiene daily.

Wear Clean Undergarments

Make sure that you wear clean and tidy undergarments. Keep the timeframe of two days to change the undergarments and wash them thoroughly every time.

Best night time routine for fresh skin

In order to keep the skin fresh and healthy, you have to follow the daily night time routine for your skin care. Here are some of the steps which you should follow every day without any hesitation.

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Makeup Removal

If you are wearing makeup then make sure that you remove the makeup first. It needs to be off completely such as from your eyes, lips and overall face. Do not scrub off the makeup but take the cotton pad and the makeup removal to gently wipe it off.


Use a mild cleanser to wash off the face. It removes all the extra or hidden makeup on the skin so that it keeps the skin free of dirt.


Toner is essential to keep the balance of the skin tone. It maintains the PH level of skin and prepares it to be tightened. Add drops of toner on the cotton pad and pat it on the skin with pressing on the face gently. Let it dry and then move to the next step.


Use any night time serum which you think is suitable with your skin type. If you are someone who has acne then get the acne removal serum. If you want to use the natural glow serum then you can order that certain type. It heals the skin internally and brings out the natural look of the skin gradually. It also helps in keeping the skin moisturized so that it can repair overnight.

Night Cream

This step is optional for you. If you are fine with serum then you do not have to apply the night cream. However, it can be added further to the routine.

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Useful popular serum for beautiful skin

Serums are quite trendy nowadays and women all around the world are using them because it shows effective results. If you keep on using them consistently and the right way for a month, you will see a big change in your skin tone and health. Here are some of the top types of serum which you should have always.

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Collagen Booster Serum

You have to make sure to get the collagen boosted serum of any brand you like. It has the benefits of making your skin feeling vibrant and radiant without leaving any effects. It makes the skin free of radical damage and protects it from the dirt in the environment. You can apply this serum during night time after cleansing your face. It helps your skin stay healthy and free of oil during the day as well. The skin is tightened and stayings glowing consistently with this serum.

Natural glow serum

Keep a natural glow serum in your makeup bag. It is made out of the natural ingredients which help you in getting an overall glow on the skin. The antioxidants are rich which provide you healthy, smooth and soft skin. If you have dry skin then natural glow serum would work great for you.

Hyaluronic Acid Serum

This serum is quite popular nowadays due to the hydration feature it contains for the skin. If you apply this serum on a daily basis then you do not need anything else. It keeps the skin cool and pores closed for the entire day with keeping it hydrated. It is non-sticky and you can wear it before makeup as well.

Acne fighting serum

If you are someone who has been facing acne then keep the specific serum with you which also brings glow on your face. It improves the tone of the skin along with controlling the breakouts.

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5 things to do after you wake up every day

Every day can be different for you but when you wake up, it needs to be the same. You have to follow the same routine right as you wake up which can keep you going for the entire day. Here are the top five things which you have to do as you wake up and never forget them as they lead you to a healthy lifestyle.

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Drink Water

Most of us do not drink water right as we wake up. It should not be overlooked at all as you stay dehydrated the entire night so it is necessary to have water intake as you wake up. It flushes out the toxins in the body and helps in kicking the metabolism.

Stretching the body

The body would want more sleep if you do not stretch when you wake up. When you stretch the blood flows to the entire body and helps you in waking up. You can also practice some of the yoga poses to start off with the day.

Sun Soaking

As you spend the entire night inside the house and in one room, it is necessary that you step out in the light. Head outdoors and feel the rays of the sun. Your body will feel energetic and eyes will brighten up as well.

Morning Playlist

Turn on anything you like to listen in the morning. It can be podcast, music or any talk you want to listen. Pick the favorites and create the list of it which interests you.

Short note

As you wake up, write short notes in the journal mentioning the to-do list. Add the tasks which you have to get done for the day and set the timing for it. It helps you in remembering the important things in life and keeps it aligned as well.

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Top 4 haircuts for summers

To look fresh this summers, the haircut is a must for the females. If you are tired of your long hair then it needs some styling through the haircut. Here are some of the top four haircuts for summers which you can consider and are in trend nowadays.

Blunt Bangs

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Bangs have been in trend for a long time. It gives you a drastic change if you bring it to your face all of a sudden. People will always appreciate the new look which you adopt through the bangs. It is a great summer trend which let you style the hair any way you want through the bangs on the forehead.

Full and Curly

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The curly hairstyle makes you look dramatic and always ready. It adds up to the personality with increasing the volume of the hair. When it comes to styling, you have a lot of options with the curly hair. Even if you leave the hair to lose, they still look great at any event. You can wear them casually or occasionally with any attire.

Mermaid Shag

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The shag haircut gives you a pop look with the overgrown hair. You can change the length through the layers of the hair. The layers have to be framed according to the face shape of the female so you can add more texture to it.

Strong Bob

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For summertime, bob haircut is best for the ladies who are not able to manage their hairstyle so well. You do not have to work on the styling much when you have bob haircut. It is a statement cut which speaks for itself. It looks cooler on females with giving them an edge of being confident at the same time. It is suitable for any type of hair texture so you can surely take a try on it this time.

7 tips to stay organized

It is one of the difficult tasks to keep yourself organized whether you are a working person or school going. If you are not organized once, the work keeps on piling up and leads to a mess. With being super busy, there are some of the ways which you can adapt with 7 tips to avoid unnecessary stress and anxiety entering your life.

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1. To- Do list

The first thing you have to do is to create a to-do list. List all the tasks you have to complete from setting the top one which is prior. Sometimes we keep on thinking that we have a lot of tasks and do not even start with one to get done with it.

2. Inbox

Keep track of all the tasks with prioritizing it. You can organize it in an inbox with writing down the deadlines for the task so that it can be completed before time.

3. Pattern

Check the pattern of your routine and make sure to fit in the tasks in between. If the tasks are important then you have to miss out on something to get done on one day. However, if the tasks are constant then you have to set a designated time for it.

4. Do not pile up

Make sure to keep in mind that if you miss on being organized once, things will pile up. You have to be consistent little by little every day so that things do not get messy on your end.

5. Break up Tasks

The tasks which are big and require a lot of time, break them up on certain days before the deadline. It will help you in getting done the better way and you will not even stress over it.

6. Being Tidy

Make sure you keep the surroundings tidy when you want to stay organized. When you have the room or house clean, you will be able to focus on the tasks which you have to complete efficiently.

7. Time management

Always know that time is precious and you cannot waste it. Invest your time wisely in the things which matter so that you do not miss out anywhere whether it is your personal or professional life.

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Apply makeup with 5 easy steps

Applying makeup on a daily basis does not require much time so you need to know the basic steps for it. When you know how to do those steps, you can get ready within few minutes. Even if you wake up late in the morning for work or school, with these five easy steps, you can be done with the makeup instantly.

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Step 1: Clean Face

Wash your face with lukewarm water and then pat dry it. If you want to use the scrub once a week, you can do that as well.

Step 2: Sunscreen

Even if you are at home the entire day, make sure to sunscreen. It protects you from the UV lights around you even if you are not directly exposed to the sun.

Step 3: Apply Makeup

Start with the foundation as the base or any moisturizer if you want. Spread it on the face evenly and then apply the concealer spots. Now blush on the cheeks lightly and set it with the powder at last.

Step 4: Eyes

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Next, are the eyes, apply a thin layer of eyeliner on the eyelids. Put on mascara on the lashes and let it dry. If you want then you can also apply eye shadow of your choice to look elegant.

Step 5: Lips

The last step is to get done with lips. Use pastel colors rather than bright ones. If you are going to an event then it is fine to use sharp colors other than that keep the subtle pink shade to apply on the lips.

Benefits of aloe vera for skin

Aloe vera has been used for different purposes since ages. It has a therapeutic effect on the skin which proves to be vital for the healthy skin. The gel which comes out of the aloe vera proves to be best for dry skin and other skin conditions. Here are some of the benefits associated with aloe vera which can compel you to keep it in your skincare routine.

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Treats Sunburn

We do not realize but because of the continuous exposure to the sun, we get the sunburns. It affects our complexion over time without letting us know so when you add aloe vera gel to your skin routine, it will keep the tone neutral and make your skin feel fresh every day.


If you want to moisturize your skin the perfect manner then aloe vera is the perfect thing to get started with. The fresh essence of the gel makes the skin moist and soft than before. So if you have dry skin, this is a miracle product for you.

Acne treatment

The antioxidants in the aloe vera gel clear up the acne on the face. It has the properties which are anti-inflammatory which stimulates new skin cells. There is no scarring of the acne left when you apply this gel on the spot of acne until it goes away.

Fights Aging

If you feel that you are getting wrinkles on the skin before the older age then use aloe vera gel. It has beta carotene and vitamin C which keeps the skin tightened and free of wrinkles. The natural look of the skin remains with keeping it hydrated throughout.

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Miss Universe Reveals She Has Skin Cancer

Dayanara Torres, a former Miss Universe, a Puerto Rican actress, an ex-wife of actor Marc Anthony, and fiancée of Louis D’Esposito (from Marvel Studios), has sadly revealed her skin cancer diagnosis. Only 44 years old, Dayanara said she found a big mole but never paid much attention to it because the mole never bothered her.

Her partner Louis, however, kept insisting she needed to have it checked and eventually she agreed to appease him. Unfortunately, his suspicions turned out to be true and the doctor diagnosed Torres with skin cancer (melanoma) after undergoing a biopsy and two surgeries.

Dayanara admits it is a scary time in her life while she waits for the next step to see what treatment she is going to need. The cancerous mole was removed, as well as parts from the back of her kneed and they took out two lymph nodes which the cancer had already spread to. Her biggest hope is that the cancer does not further spread to her internal organs.

What exactly is melanoma?

Melanoma accounts for a small percent of skin cancers, which carries a higher risk of spreading throughout the body. It is a cancer than starts in a specific cell in the top layer of the skin. While this cancerous cell develops, it discolors, creating brown pigment (melanin). A melonama can occur anywhere on the skin, although in women, they are commonly found on the legs, neck, and face.

The most obvious cause of skin cancer is overexposure to ultraviolet rays, such as sunlight or overuse of tanning beds. If you are prone to developing moles, or you have freckles or fair skin or freckles, your skin cancer risk could be somewhat higher than the average person.

Prevention is better than cure, so it is vital to be responsible with the amount of time you spend in the sun if you’re uncovered. Always use a sun protection moisturizer and do consistent checks on your body for moles that are changing in size, shape, color, or evolving in any way.

As Dayanara quoted on Instagram, “If you see or feel something different in your body, have it checked,” she wrote. “I had no idea skin cancer could spread anywhere else in your body.”

Love Lessons Mothers Should Teach Their Daughters

Mothers are our primary caregivers and nurturers. Our mother is the person we first connect with from conception through to birth. She shows us what love is and that’s why there are some things in life that a daughter can only learn from their mother. We have other female role models, like our grandmothers, sisters, or aunts but there is something unique about the love between a mother and her daughter.

Deciding to have children is an overwhelming and life-changing experience but the mommy instinct kicks in, which is fiercely driven by love and protection. Ultimately, parents have to equip their children to one day face the harsh realities of life. It’s how we treat our children on a daily basis that will determine their resilience and prudence as they make their way through life.

Here are some invaluable love lessons that mothers can give their daughters to nurture them into loving and lovable, yet strong and independent young women.

Anything you chase, will run.

Don’t be desperate to pursue love because love comes into your life when the time is right. Never force love to happen.

You are enough.

Believe in yourself, love yourself and you don’t need to change to fit into someone else’s ideas. Wait for the love that is accepting of who you are.

To get respect, you have to give it.

If you want love that is respectful, then model the behavior you want in a partner. Respect your body, respect your friends and family and you will attract what you seek.

Your relationship doesn’t rule your life.

Fall in love but don’t fall out of sync. Women can develop more insecurities through being in a relationship because their sole focus is on their partner. Share, trust, and compromise but always love yourself first.

Be in a relationship for the right reasons.

Daughters should know how sincere love and affection feels. How one can feel confident and loved through positive actions of others. Emotionally healthy women don’t look for love in the wrong places.