What a Body Language Expert says about Prince Harry



Source: gettyimages.com

A body language expert recently revealed the meaning behind Prince Harry’s gestures, facial expressions, and body language. After analyzing photographs of Prince Harry in the media, the expert claims he is a ball of nerves and constantly anxious. Not too surprising considering Harry is always under intense public examination, he’s newly-married, and about to become a first time father. Who wouldn’t be anxious?

The body language expert observed that Prince Harry hasn’t suddenly become anxious but has actually developed anxiety since meeting his current wife, Meghan Markle.

In the early days of their courting, Harry showed odd gestures such as hand clasping his jackets, or suddenly frowning followed by a series of serious facial expressions. As a youth, Harry had a naughty boyish look that endeared him to us but he was never so serious.

When comparing Meghan’s behavior and response to her pregnancy versus Prince Harry, she really does show unmasked pride, love, and joy for her ‘bump’. Harry, however, is showing more signs of quiet panic by not publicly making a fuss or showing overt signs of enthusiasm. He has taken on the role of bodyguard, always looking worried with arm gestures of protection.

The experts may have us believe there is something significant about Prince Harry’s demeanor and body language, and they could very well be right. However, given recent tabloid news claiming rivalry between Harry and Meghan, and William and Kate, the Royals have a lot of rumors to deal with (whether they are true or not).

Prince Harry has spent his entire life in the spotlight. Each moment of sadness, happiness, naughtiness, kindness or rudeness is captured for millions to see. It’s enough to stress anyone out. Now that Harry is taking on more personal responsibilities and as always, more scrutiny, who can blame this handsome young Royal for taking life a bit more seriously.