5 products to use for natural glow of skin



Taking of the skin should be a routine for every woman. As you keep on aging, the skin needs more care because of the exposure it gets from the sunlight and other dirt around you. Here are 5 products which are best for your skin and keeps the natural glow on the skin as well.

Source: boldsky.com

1. Maybelline BB Cream

The clear glow BB cream is formulated to make the skin bright with consistent usage. It is suitable for all types of skin and blurs out the imperfections. It also provides you from the sun protection with keeping the skin hydrated and smooth all day long. It is travel-friendly and does not cause breakouts at all.

2. L’Oreal Paris Day Cream White Perfect

You can get skin tone even through this day cream with getting the spots removal in no time. It leaves the natural glow on the skin and contains SPF 19 to protect the skin from sun rays.

3. Lotus Herbals Skin Whitening Deep Cleansing

The deep cleansing foam works efficiently on the face by giving you a natural glow. It contains aloe vera which keeps the hydration consistent in the skin. The milk enzymes help in eliminating dead skin cells and any dirt from the face with making you look radiant every day.

4. Biotique Bio Brightening Cream

This cream contains herbal ingredients which are best for the radiant skin. It has coconut extracts which keep the spots away from the skin and also removes any blemishes.

5. Lakme White Night Repair Cream

This cream contains vitamin C and B3 which keeps the skin healthy and smooth. It is all in one cream for you to use at night time and rejuvenates the skin while you rest.

Source: Road2beauty