Best night time routine for fresh skin



In order to keep the skin fresh and healthy, you have to follow the daily night time routine for your skin care. Here are some of the steps which you should follow every day without any hesitation.


Makeup Removal

If you are wearing makeup then make sure that you remove the makeup first. It needs to be off completely such as from your eyes, lips and overall face. Do not scrub off the makeup but take the cotton pad and the makeup removal to gently wipe it off.


Use a mild cleanser to wash off the face. It removes all the extra or hidden makeup on the skin so that it keeps the skin free of dirt.


Toner is essential to keep the balance of the skin tone. It maintains the PH level of skin and prepares it to be tightened. Add drops of toner on the cotton pad and pat it on the skin with pressing on the face gently. Let it dry and then move to the next step.


Use any night time serum which you think is suitable with your skin type. If you are someone who has acne then get the acne removal serum. If you want to use the natural glow serum then you can order that certain type. It heals the skin internally and brings out the natural look of the skin gradually. It also helps in keeping the skin moisturized so that it can repair overnight.

Night Cream

This step is optional for you. If you are fine with serum then you do not have to apply the night cream. However, it can be added further to the routine.