Love Lessons Mothers Should Teach Their Daughters



Mothers are our primary caregivers and nurturers. Our mother is the person we first connect with from conception through to birth. She shows us what love is and that’s why there are some things in life that a daughter can only learn from their mother. We have other female role models, like our grandmothers, sisters, or aunts but there is something unique about the love between a mother and her daughter.

Deciding to have children is an overwhelming and life-changing experience but the mommy instinct kicks in, which is fiercely driven by love and protection. Ultimately, parents have to equip their children to one day face the harsh realities of life. It’s how we treat our children on a daily basis that will determine their resilience and prudence as they make their way through life.

Here are some invaluable love lessons that mothers can give their daughters to nurture them into loving and lovable, yet strong and independent young women.

Anything you chase, will run.

Don’t be desperate to pursue love because love comes into your life when the time is right. Never force love to happen.

You are enough.

Believe in yourself, love yourself and you don’t need to change to fit into someone else’s ideas. Wait for the love that is accepting of who you are.

To get respect, you have to give it.

If you want love that is respectful, then model the behavior you want in a partner. Respect your body, respect your friends and family and you will attract what you seek.

Your relationship doesn’t rule your life.

Fall in love but don’t fall out of sync. Women can develop more insecurities through being in a relationship because their sole focus is on their partner. Share, trust, and compromise but always love yourself first.

Be in a relationship for the right reasons.

Daughters should know how sincere love and affection feels. How one can feel confident and loved through positive actions of others. Emotionally healthy women don’t look for love in the wrong places.