J.Lo Explains Her 10-Day Diet Challenge



Jennifer Lopez, who we fondly know as J.Lo, spoke about her recent 10-day diet challenge. Simply put, it was 10 days of no sugar and low carbs.

While talking about her diet, Lopez said that after just five days she could see and feel the results of eliminating sugar and cutting carbohydrates.

Inspired by her personal trainer to do the challenge, J.Lo convinced her boyfriend, Alex Rodriguez, to take up the challenge with her. Not only that, but she also convinced the staff of the Today Show to do the challenge as well. Al Roker, Craig Melvin, and Carson were some of the members who took part.

J.Lo stated that after the first and second day of the experiment, her and Alex both realized they were addicted to sugar. And this motivated the pair to persist and ‘reset’ their bodies.

Jennifer explained that by cutting down on carbs, she felt so much better and then recognized she ate far too many carbohydrates before.  A surprising aspect of this challenge is having no fruit. But then again, it’s about totally eliminating any sugar of any kind. Good or bad.

When the challenge ended, Jennifer admits that it altered her taste for sugar. From being a sugar and chocolate freak to now having a more moderate approach to her sugar intake.

Besides feeling great and seeing the benefits, J.Lo revealed there were some unexpected side-effects. Firstly, she started to suffer from sinus, which she never had before and got an odd headache. This is the body’s reaction to detoxing from the daily overload of sugar and carbohydrates. After a few days however, the side-effects abated and she felt great.

A nutritionist explained this diet is about avoiding sugar and all starchy carbs like bread, pasta, and cookies. Ten days gives your body recovery time from constantly having to digest heavy foods that most times, also hamper absorption of nutrients and minerals in the good foods. Lopez says she also lost weight!

In fact, she claims to have lost a “bunch of pounds” as well as inches off the waist. Like she needs it? But, as Jennifer said herself, it takes more than a 10-day challenge to stay fit and healthy.