15 Daily Practices That Make Your Life Easier



There are things that can be changed in our personal lives to minimize chaos and improve relationships and daily living. And that’s not to say the changes need to massive. It’s often the smallest thing we do on a consistent basis that really defines us and our habits.

It may require some creative thinking and strategy to determine what needs to be changed, removed, improved, or incorporated into your routine to boost your productivity and energy. So, we devised a list to help you get started on making that small step towards big change.

To start with, try one, some, or all of the suggestions below and give it at least two weeks. After this time frame, evaluate the effect its had on your life. It could help you feel more organized and in control, with fewer distractions, so you can put your positive energy into real priorities.

Improve Your Phone Habits


Phones and social media are creeping too deeply into our lives. Families glued to their phones over dinner, people texting and driving, or checking their phones every five minutes in case they missed a notification. Connect with people more and interact less with your phone. Keep it out of the bedroom and off the dinner table.